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1411540cookie-checkFallout 4 ~ How To Get Unlimited Caps During Human Error Quest
25 November 2015
1.5 min read

Fallout 4 ~ How To Get Unlimited Caps During Human Error Quest

Yet again, there is another unlimited caps glitch in Fallout 4. This time it involves Honest Dan and the Human Error Quest. Aside from Honest Dan disappearing throughout the quest from another unknown glitch, you will be able to rack up 300 caps instantaneously from one repeatable conversation with him.

Many folks that play Fallout 4 know about different infinite cap glitches, like the vendor glitch that will get you any item you want from that specific vendor you’re trading with. However, this glitch takes the definition of ‘unlimited’ literal. Upon taking up the Human Error quest from Honest Dan, you will literally be able to get 300 caps non-stop from him by not completing the quest/conversion with Dan.

To start the glitch you will have to take up the Human Error quest from Honest Dan, which will have players attempting to rescue Amelia Stockton from being captured. This will be located in Covenant, which is just north of Cambridge Crater. During the quest, you will eventually make it to a part where you can either help or kill her. In this case, it’s a safe bet to save her and let her go.

After Stockton leaves the compound, this is where the glitch takes place. Talk to Dan and get the 300 caps from him, after this, you will have the last bit of dialog with him. Back out by hitting the back button for the given control scheme set up for your PC or console when talking to him. Rinse and repeat when talking to him, and keep backing out to receive 300 caps instantly from Honest Dan.

If all of that sounded a bit confusing the glitcher himself, Outside the Box, brings a nice video guide showing folks that need quick caps infinitely how to do so.

Something worth noting, you should save your game before doing this glitch just in case something goes wrong. Sadly, as of this moment, there seems to be an ongoing glitch with Dan disappearing when doing this quest, so it’s advised to save often when participating in the Human Error quest. If the glitch doesn’t happen with Dan going AWOL, he will be honest and upfront and will give you 300 caps as promised, but constantly.