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Fallout 4 – How To Get Unlimited Caps Even Quicker

There are other methods to get XP and caps in Fallout 4, but there is another way to get them even quicker, especially from the Brotherhood of Steel through Scribe Haylen. This method works on PC, Xbox One and PS4, and is glitch-free.

This method is not a glitch, however, it is a quest that you can get from joining the Brotherhood of Steel, and by going to the Cambridge Police Station and talking to Scribe Haylen. You will get a quest that will have you recovering lost artifacts, which will be placed in a list of random locations.

If done correctly, it will only take five to ten minutes depending on where it is and how fast you move through the quest. You will be able to redo the mission over and over, which is confirmed by Outside The Box. According to his playthrough, he is able to do it more than ten times.

The mission or repeatable quest tasks players to recover a random artifact in a random location, which will give you 100 caps and 240 XP. Although 100 caps aren’t all that bad, you can get more by doing the vendor glitch. And as for the XP, this is way better than 12 or 20 XP from the lock-pick glitch. So if you want to level up quickly on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game, this method will help you out quite a bit.

For those that want more information on this quest and where you need to go to initiate it, you can check out Outside The Box‘s video tutorial below.

Note: he calls it a glitch in the video, but it’s actually just a part of Fallout 4 and the quest.

On PC, there are several command cheats and methods to level up and get rich quickly. But as for console players, this method is something worth checking out. Not only can you do this quest in less than five to ten minutes, but you also get 100 caps and 240 XP each time you complete it.