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1410900cookie-checkFallout 4 Glitch – How To Do Vendor Cap Glitch After Patch 1.02
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Fallout 4 Glitch – How To Do Vendor Cap Glitch After Patch 1.02

More bugs seemed to have jumped into Fallout 4 glitch before and even after the latest patch. With that said, the famous caps glitch that was patched in version 1.02 has an alternative version. Although you won’t be able to get infinite caps from this method, you can still con the vendor and get the items you want without having a single cap on you.

This new glitch after the patch will get you any weapon, armor or stack of items without having a single cap on you. I know those playing on PS4 and Xbox One may not have liked the last vendor glitch being patched, but this one is really simple to do and you don’t even need caps to initiate the process.

First, go to any vendor of your choice in any city while making sure you don’t have any caps on you. Pick the item you want to put up for trade, preferably one that has little to no value to you. After picking the item, select only one of the items you want to trade to the vendor. From here you can scope out the item you want from the vendor.

After selecting an item, let’s just say an item you can’t afford, you will need to pick only one from the vendor’s side. This is where the glitch will get a bit tricky, if you are on PS4 you will need to press Square and X either at the same time or right after each other, which ever method floats your boat is the method you should use. If you are on Xbox One you will need to press X and A, and the trade should go through without any problems.

If you want to get a full stack of the same item with its max quantity, you will need to select one item of your own for trade and select all of the vendor’s single item that has a quantity limit. For instance, if the vendor has 135 of a particular item you want, have the slider at the top — for all 135 items — and press X and A for Xbox, or Square and X for PS4 to get all 135.

You can watch Outside The Box perform this fallout 4 glitch post patch, as seen below.

Something worth noting, you will need to have zero caps. If you don’t have any at all you will consume your own caps that you currently have at the bottom of your inventory. In addition, if you have 150 caps and the item takes 145 you will only have 5 caps left when performing fallout 4 glitch with more than zero caps.