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1410850cookie-checkFallout 4 ~ How To Quickly Do Dogmeat Resource Glitch After Patch 1.2 In Fallout 4
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Fallout 4 ~ How To Quickly Do Dogmeat Resource Glitch After Patch 1.2 In Fallout 4

There’s a better and faster way to do the resource duplication glitch with Dogmeat in Fallout 4. As of before, you had to save the game and quit to re-enter to pick up the resource to get the duplicated amount. Now, players can get double the amount without having to do anything crazy or long.

For those looking for more resources like crystals, adhesives, or other hard-to-find materials, a new glitch involving Dogmeat will allow players to gain extra resources without having to quit the game while the process is still taking place, after patch 1.2.

The only problem with this new glitch is that it involves having to do the tricky timing with Dogmeat and picking the item you want up at the same time. But, if you can get the timing down, the glitch is really handy. Instead of going to the workshop and duplicating items or shipments of multiple stacks, you will need to take the item with a quantity of 1 or more and throw it down.

After you tell Dogmeat to pick up the item that you want duplicating, for example, let’s just say 200 JET, Dogmeat will drop one of that item with a quantity of 1, not 200. Take the 200 JET that you just picked up with Dogmeat before he dropped the one item. Drop the 200 and you should notice that the one item that Dogmeat dropped will now show 200 instead of 1. Instead of picking up either item on the floor, you will need to go into workshop mode and scrap both of them.

Scrapping both items will send 200 of the first item to your workshop, and 200 of the second item to your workshop. Head to the workshop and take out all 400 of the Jet or the item you wanted to be duplicated and you’re done.

Thanks to one of the most diligent Fallout 4 glitches Demon Asylum or Outside The Box, you can watch the new post patch resource glitch with Dogmeat below.

Something worth noting, do not duplicate the number of resources over 4,000. If you do this, the frame rate of the game will slow down, you will experience lag, and the game will become prone to locking up if it exceeds any higher than 5,000.