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1417400cookie-checkThe Technomancer Trailer Gives Gamers A Taste Of Corrupt Police And Monsters

The Technomancer Trailer Gives Gamers A Taste Of Corrupt Police And Monsters

Focus Home Interactive and Spiders Studio released a new promotional trailer for The Technomancer, a sci-fi action-RPG that takes place on Mars. The trailer gives gamers a taste of the corrupt police forces ruling over the colonies with an iron fist, as well as some of the large and frightening monsters that roam the red planet.

The trailer is only a minute and a half and recycles quite a bit of footage from previous trailers, but at the same time it also gives gamers a pretty good idea of what to expect from the upcoming action-RPG.

There are lightning powers on display, giant spider bosses crawling on walls, flying creatures and other beasts used for travel, and then there are things that appear to eat people, and other multi-legged mutations that would make the monstrosities on Dr. Moreau’s island squeamish. You can check out the trailer below.

As mentioned in the press release…

“Pursued by a corrupt police force, you must journey across these deadly environments and beyond, chasing a secret that could alter Mars and its inhabitants forever.”

The game is one of those mid-budget titles, not quite on par to the AAA outings from Ubisoft, EA or Activision, but certainly a lot bigger than the typical fanfare you might find on Kickstarter or Greenlight. A lot of the mid-budget titles disappeared throughout seventh gen but they’ve made a wonderful comeback thanks to cheaper design tools and major engines like Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 going free-to-use.

The third-person adventure is a showcase of Spiders’ continually progress when it comes to bettering their art, animations and basic design mechanics. You might be familiar with some of their previous works, like Mars War Logs.

The upcoming Technomancer is set to release this summer via Focus Home Interactive on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can learn more about the game or keep track of the progress via signing up for the newsletter once you pay a visit to the official website.

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