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1410360cookie-checkDOOM’s Open Beta Brings New Trailer, Shows Customization And Hack Mods

DOOM’s Open Beta Brings New Trailer, Shows Customization And Hack Mods

The full experience of DOOM is set to arrive on May 13th this year, but before having to wait another month to play the game, Bethesda released an Open Beta for id Software’s latest iteration of DOOM. The beta is set to last over the weekend, and has a new trailer showcasing the customization and Hack mod features.

The latest trailer entitled “Player Progression and Customization” shows, well… exactly that. It’s worth noting that, like other recent shooter games, it features a character progression bar and Hack Modules. these two features noted above play out much like Star War Battlefront “EA” and Titanfall, which unlocks other content to give players an extra edge in battles by either doing well and winning battles, or following objectives.

To be honest, I don’t mind modules and other things to gain an extra edge, I just hope these mods don’t steal the show and create “No scope” scums that run around and kill the fun experience for everyone participating in the match.

With that said, since I’m about to start my first experience with the latest DOOM later today, there’s a lot of questions of mine that will be answered later that will hopefully live up to expectation. But besides that, the game has a new trailer that you can check out, which offers a nice glimpse of the color customization with weapons and characters, and the pure dichotomy of having HACK mods against not having them, as seen below.

As seen above, there is quite a bit to distinguish yourself from other players, although you’ll always be in first-person, it’s nice to have the option to deck your DOOM soldier out as well as the weapons. If you didn’t pre-load the Open Beta and want to learn more, you can head on over to

DOOM’s Open beta is live now, and will span from April 15th to the 17th. The official release will take place this year during May on the 13th, and will be available across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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