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1410010cookie-checkBattlefield 1 Features Horses, Tanks, Shovels And A Zepplin

Battlefield 1 Features Horses, Tanks, Shovels And A Zepplin

The newest Battlefield game is taking it back old-school. The new game is actually called Battlefield 1, with DICE and EA pulling a Microsoft as far as titles go. The reason it’s called “1” is because first of all it takes place during World War I, and also because it’s a game that pays homage to the global warfare occurring during that time that marked the first age of modern military combat.

The trailer for the game was recently revealed over on the Battlefield YouTube channel following a half hour live event where they hosted some questions with the design team and talked up a bunch of the features they plan to roll out for the new first-person shooter.

The game will have a strong focus on melee weapons, including maces, shovels, swords and bayonets. Weapon customization will make a return, along with specialty weapons such as artillery, flamethrowers and explosives. Tanks are also present in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small and speedy scout vehicles, to large beasts that can hold an entire squad.

The game will still allow for up to 64 players to roam the battlefield, along with a mixture of ground based vehicles, water based vehicles and aerial vehicles. Tri-planes, bi-planes and bombers will be flyable, and one really cool feature that DICE revealed during the official Battlefield 1 reveal, is the ability to snipe enemies while riding as a passenger in a plane. That ought to be real fun.

The game will be balanced with the typical rock, paper, scissors style of play, so no one thing is going to be so invincible that it can’t be stopped, opposite of a lot of the perks and strike packages found in certain Call of Duty games.

Battlefield 1

Team-based play will still be in effect, along with various character classes, each with their own specialty skills and weapons. Environmental destruction is also making a return, something we get to see in action as buildings, citadels and towers crumble, fall and explode from the impact of various types of artillery, gun and explosive fire. However, don’t expect any kind of groundbreaking Levolution this time around given that they still have to operate within the confines of the Xbox One and PS4’s hardware limitations.

A multiplayer beta will go live for the game over the course of the summer, with details being revealed for the beta during the EA Play press conference taking place on June 12th, next month.

Gamers who pre-order Battlefield 1 or who have access to EA Access or Origin Access will be able to gain early access to the game on October 18th, but the game is expected to launch in full on October 21st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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