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Beat The Game: Surreal Music-Themed Game Seeks Greenlight Approval

Beat The Game is a point-and-click adventure game, developed by Worm Animation, however, it isn’t your standard adventure game that you are used to.

Beat The Game is a surreal adventure in a strange and complex world, where our main protagonist is on the search for epic new sounds to make a funky new beat.

Beat The Game will focus on having underground techno music that you find and create yourself, which will play a large part in the actual gameplay, since Beat The Game is also a music making game where you find different types of sounds to create music to progress the story forward.

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The objective of the game is to search out and find different items using your “Sound Scanner” tool to inspire you to create new types of music. These different sounds could be anywhere, from talking to people, to searching new locations, maybe even hidden in the ground. For example, they say you could find a guy with a soda can and use it to make a drum, and use other items you find to create a bass line, hi-hat samples, and other instruments to bring your music to life, giving you all the tools you need to arrange and edit your music. I’m not entirely sure how detailed the music creation process will be, but so far it looks and sounds pretty cool. I also really love the art style they have going on.

After you create your music you will then put on a live show to perform in front of an audience, if they like the funky beats you put together, you will hop back on your motorbike and ride on to the next level to repeat the process of finding and creating new music. The developers released a small gameplay trailer that I linked down below so you can see for yourself.

Beat The Game is scheduled to release this Summer of 2016, and is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking approval, so if you are interested you can head over there and cast your vote. You can also visit the official Beat The Game website for further details.

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