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1411800cookie-checkCopper Dreams: Futuristic Adventure CRPG Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Copper Dreams: Futuristic Adventure CRPG Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Copper Dreams is being developed by Whalenought Studios, an indie company that has just recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $40,000 USD to fund their game. At the time of this article, they are already well on their way, making it just past the halfway mark for their funding goals.

Calling Copper Dreams a Cyberpunk game may not be completely accurate for this game, because it has a 1970s through 1980s-ish espionage Scifi theme going on that makes it a bit unique; that also means there is no internet in this world! The game takes place on the offworld island colony of Calitana, and you play as an Agent of Asset Inquiries. Your job? To spy and gather intel. I’m not completely sure about the main story, but it sounds like as the plot unfolds and our hero gathers more intel, the story goes beyond corporate espionage and reveals a bigger plot.

copper dreams 2

Yes, that is a Chainsaw arm…

Gameplay wise, Copper Dreams is a CRPG — A computer roleplaying game. Taking all the elements from a classic pen and paper game, and putting it inside a large complex 3D world. Copper Dreams is a point-and-click, isometric adventure action game, with turn-based strategic combat, and a heavy emphasis on stealth and sneaking elements of gameplay.

The thing that makes Copper Dreams so cool though, is that it also has platforming and climbing elements, allowing you to interact with the world and travel places that you normally don’t see in traditional RPG games. Graphically, it looks a lot like the PS1 era of gaming, with a low polygon art style that makes the game feel like a blast from the past.

Players will also be able to upgrade and outfit their characters in variety of ways, even to the point of changing your body parts to extreme cybernetic implants, ranging from grappling hook arms to chainsaw hands. Yeah that’s right, I said chainsaw hands! Take a look at both the Kickstarter campaign video and the Copper Dreams gameplay trailer that I linked down below.

Copper Dreams still has 26 days left on their Kickstarter page, so if you would like to support them you can follow the link for more information. Alternatively you can also visit their official website, as well as their Steam Greenlight page for additional details.

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