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Echo Receives Announcement Game Trailer

The Danish indie game studio Ultra Ultra, has released a small announcement trailer for their new third-person, action-adventure game, Echo.

I’m not entirely sure what Echo is about since the trailer is so short; you get a glimpse of events that spans the course of a minute and forty seconds, but they don’t show any real gameplay or story elements.

From what we do see, we can speculate that it will possibly have some platform elements based on the way the protagonist jumps from the platform, but it could also be set up like Resident Evil. There is also a scene where it appears you might have an evil clone roaming around, so perhaps the game might have some parts that play with your mind as well. The story is about a girl named EN who has been in stasis for more than a century, traveling to reach a special and legendary palace, a palace that was part of a lost civilization from eons ago.

The description for Echo hints that that our main protagonist is attempting to bring someone or something back to life, and it appears that the Palace has the missing piece she is looking for. Players will have to travel through the palace and attempt to survive whatever lurks inside. The developers at Ultra Ultra have said that the gameplay will revolve around both action and stealth gameplay mechanics, and that you will need to be quick on your feet and have even faster wits as you navigate and travel around the palace. One final tidbit they added in the description, was that all of your actions have consequences. I don’t know if they mean the Palace is full of traps and danger, or if the story has multiple paths based on what you do in the game? I guess we will have to wait and see. You can check out the Echo announcement trailer that I linked down below.

Echo is scheduled to launch this coming fall in 2016, so keep an eye out for future updates. If you would like to see Echo on Steam, you can head on over to the Greenlight page to cast your vote, or check out the official Echo website for further details.

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