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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Gameplay Walkthrough

Bethesda’s large scale expansion for Fallout 4 called Far Harbor launched for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The expansion sees players investigating the disappearance of a young girl named Kasumi that takes them beyond the boundaries of Boston.

For gamers looking to see how to advance through the DLC and what the story is like, there’s a complete gameplay walkthrough available for the Far Harbor DLC courtesy of MKIceAndFire that you can check out below. The playlist consists of 12 videos, covering the entire DLC in under just under six hours from start to finish.

Things start with an audio log for the Far From Home quest. Listen to the audio for the Valentine Detective Agency to activate the Far Harbor quest. Once you listen to the audio log you’ll then need to head to detective agency to pick up the quest.

You’ll need to head to the Nakano residence and talk to Kenji Nakano. His house is near the shoreline. After discovering a tape in a safe left by Kasumi it’s then time to grab the boat and head up north. The boat trip is automated, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.
After getting to the Far Harbor, there are a number of quests to pick up to earn some extra coin or weapons. Eventually players will encounter DiMA, who makes players question the fabric of their reality and whether or not if Kasumi and the player are Synths.

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The entire DiMA conversation is an existential exercise on what it means to live in peace, to have a sense of being and attempting to convince players that those in Arcadia are a peaceful bunch.

For everyone who isn’t concerned with the main stories or side-quests, there’s also a video specifically showing the plot twist and what becomes of DiMA and the rest of Far Harbor. You can check out the video below.

The story isn’t entirely black and white, and it’s nice how a potential kidnapping case evolved into something much more, but the resolution to the conflicts seem kind of simplistic compared to what actually happened.

Nevertheless, the Far Harbor DLC clocks in at around five hours worth of gameplay, so if you think that that’s a reasonable amount of play time for the DLC, it might not be a bad idea to invest in it. If you think five hours is too low, well then you may want to skip out on it and wait for some expansive total conversion mods.

The Far Harbor DLC also offers players multiple choices in how the ending will play out, so it stands to reason that you may be able to get some replay value out of the DLC as well. You can pick up a copy of it either as a standalone or as part of the Fallout 4 season pass for the Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

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