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Fallout 4 Mods Add More Character Creation Options, Quick Save To Survival Mode And More

Bethesda currently has the Fallout 4 Creation Kit and modding tools in Open Beta for PC, which is a good thing, meaning that it will soon exit and go official for both home consoles and PC. While players are waiting, some modders added some pretty interesting mods over on NexusMods that’s worth checking out.

The first mod is by Expired6978. Entitled LooksMenu, the mod provides even more options to the character customization segment and also shows a list on the side for players to really modify their characters to their liking. However, to get this mod, you will need F4SE for version 1.5.157…

“For starters the game does not save/load character presets, this is impossible without the included plugin. In terms of selecting part by name the plugin is needed as the interface does not have full access to the internal variable that sets what your current part is. Without the plugin changing “Type” does not work correctly.”

As seen below, you can get this mod over on Expired6978‘s NexusMods page.

fallout 4 mod week 3 1

Modder Gopher created a simple mod that allows players that are scavenging through the Survival mode an easy Quick Save method. By entering the AID section on the Pipboy, folks will see the Quick Save option. This will save your game in the Survival difficulty.

In addition, the mod uses the auto save system and only saves three saves, which results in the oldest one being replaced by a newer save. To extend such, add the line Fallout4Custom.ini. Where iAutoSaveCount=x (x being the given number you want) will need to change.

You can watch the mod in action below, or you can get it over on Gopher‘s NexusMods page.

The third mod comes in by modder L0rd0fWar, who made the Scavenged NCR armor. There are three ways to get the armor, the first requires players to search for a missing person, the second is to craft it in the Chem-station, while the third consists of cheating and using console commands.

The armor adds some additional stats to your character, and can be seen below. If you want to get the mod by L0rd0fWar, you can visit the modder’s NexusModes page.

Scavenged NCR Armor

The last mod, Conquest, comes from Chesko. This provides settlement builders the option to create settlements anywhere at anytime, while exploring the wasteland. The modder fully elaborates on such in a note below.

“Build a small campsite, cook, sleep, and recharge while on the road. Then pack up and head out, or make your mark by expanding your campsite into a thriving, fully-functional settlement.”


“By investing in a new Workbench, your campsite will become a full-fledged settlement, with all of the benefits and troubles that come with it. For now, you can build up to 10 new settlements.”

To get a better glimpse at the mod, a video by Dezdicardo goes over the basics, and showcases added gameplay with the mod active. To get Conquest, simply head on over to Chesko‘s NexusMods page to do so.

I’m sure more Fallout 4 mods will arrive in full force consistently, which is pretty good, and will fill in the time waiting for the official mod tools to produce even better content for both PC and Consoles.

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