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Himeko Sutori: Turn-Based Strategy JRPG Seeks Funds For Kickstarter Campaign

Ah, the golden age of SNES JRPGs is still fresh in my memory. For me, Square-Enix had some of the best games growing up, and I really miss playing that majestic lineup of classic JRPGs. Developers Rockwell Games has been working on their new turn-based strategy game, Himeko Sutori, to bring back some of that classic JRPG magic.

The graphics art-style for Himeko Sutori looks similar to games like Ragnarok Online, with small 2D sprites but in a 3D game world. Like most strategy RPGs, you will start off with a small army and build up your troops, being able to unlock more than 100 unique soldiers as you progress through the game.

Himeko Sutori2

The story follows three young women as the world breaks out into a civil war. However, the main story sounds like it is just a placeholder, and the main purpose is to build a functioning turn-based strategy JRPG engine for others to help build their own campaigns. Himeko Sutori will have a campaign builder tool that will allow you to create your own missions to battle through, then share your creations with other players online.

Himeko Sutori will allow you to customize your soldiers by cross-training them between different class builds, allowing them to have skills and abilities from multiple classes with similar attributes.

Battles takes place in the form of moving your characters across a large scale grid filled with both enemy and ally troops, and it will be up to you to use skill and strategy to turn the odds in your favor. Check out the below trailer that showcases some of the gameplay.

Himeko Sutori has already been accepted through Steam Greenlight and is now preparing for lunch sometime early in 2017. However, if you are interested in supporting the game you can visit their Kickstarter Campaign that still has close to about two weeks left before the campaign ends. The developers are trying to reach a goal of $10,000 USD, and they are just shy of that at $9,700.

For additional details and information about Himeko Sutori, you can also visit their Official website for further details about the game.

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