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Project Genom MMORPG Set To Hit Steam Early Access This Year

Not sure how to feel about this, but it seems as if developer NeuronHaze is actually serious about making an indie MMORPG for PC. The game Project Genom was officially voted through Steam Greenlight a while back and is now set to hit Steam Early Access. Project Genom is noted by the devs to provide a sci-fi world, with a non-target combat system, while sporting an “innovative character development system.”

It’s safe to say that when certain indie games get big, no matter how detailed the project seems, it now scares me that it might be a scam or something. With the recent addition of the Miyazaki inspired game Lynn and the Spirits of Inao being canceled over the developer scamming folks, you have to sometimes look a little bit deeper into the dev’s intentions to see if they are actually making a real game legitimately.

But, with that aside, NeuronHaze wants to make a third-person futuristic MMORPG, which passed Greenlight. Featuring the typical stuff that you would find in an MMORPG, like exploring, leveling and crafting stuff, the devs seek to take the futuristic boots on ground into other worlds in space.

“Project Genom is a sci-fi MMORPG with an open world, non-target combat system and innovative character development system. Get a giant robot under your control, modify your body, use different modes of transport, build spaceship and take off to the wide blue yonder.”

If you want to get a good look at the game and what the devs have already laid out, you can watch the original Greenlight video trailer below, courtesy of Project Genom‘s YouTube channel.

A more recent video was uploaded to the dev’s YouTube channel, which shows a developer blog revealing the animations and current graphics.

As noted by the devs, Project Genom is supposed to tasked players with “old-school” skill, while providing a universe that changes and grows with other players. This is also said to be accompanied by PvP arenas, where players can battle each other and face off till the bitter end.

And lastly, there will be vehicles. Land and sky-based automobiles will be present that are designed to take players across the terrain and open sky, and even into space.

Set to come out this year, Project Genom is slated for PC. If this seems like an interesting game, more information can be found by hitting up

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