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1414130cookie-checkNekuia: Fast-Paced Arcade Platformer Now On Steam Greenlight

Nekuia: Fast-Paced Arcade Platformer Now On Steam Greenlight

Nekuia is fast-paced platform game developed Blue Gate, where the main focus is to complete the levels as fast as possible without dying.

Nekuia is in a 2D side-scrolling environment, loaded with traps and obstacles that will impede your progress from reaching the end goal. You play as an orb of light and can control its speed and movement to a certain degree to navigate the stages, but the whole point is to go as fast as you can to complete the stage in the shortest amount of time possible.

You will be able to ricochet and bounce off the walls to gain more speed and power, but once you jump you can’t adjust your trajectory again in mid-air, so you will have to continue on the path you set out on and follow it through. However, it does sound like they give you the ability to double-jump to help correct your mistakes with a last second jump as an attempt to stay alive.

Nekuia was designed as a game all about speed runs, so as you may have guessed that there will be online rankings to compare your fastest time against other players. The developers also say that Nekuia has a rich story and original content, so I am curious how that fits with a game all about speed and staying alive. The below gameplay trailer looks quite interesting with what I have seen so far, and the graphics and level design has intrigued me enough to want to see more.

The stages look challenging enough to encourage the players to use skill and technique to stay alive and navigate, but not tedious enough to the point where everyone will rage quit for ridiculous stages that can’t be beat. Nekuia looks like it has just enough of both worlds to make the game unique and fun to play. You can take a look at the gameplay announcement trailer that I linked down below.

If you would like to see Nekuia come to Steam, you can head on over to their Greenlight page to cast your vote to help get them approved, or just to read up on what the game has to offer to learn more.

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