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1409910cookie-checkOverwatch Open Beta Lets You Play For Free Until May 9th

Overwatch Open Beta Lets You Play For Free Until May 9th

Overwatch is gearing up for release on May 24th and Blizzard has held to their promise of releasing an open beta for gamers to participate in ahead of its release. The open beta has started this week on May 5th and will run up until next week on May 9th. This gives you an entire weekend to consume and enjoy Overwatch and Tracer’s perky, pin-up posing bum… for free.

Over on the official Overwatch website, they briefly explain that whether you’re playing on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC, you can grab a copy of the game right now, download it, and begin fragging with other players as if your life depended on it.

Blizzard tried helping convince gamers to get in on the action by releasing a little promo video featuring Winston the gorilla giving a prep speech just before the beta launched. You can check that out below.

Now anyone who pre-ordered the game has been given access to the beta since May 3rd. They get to enjoy the beta up until May 9th, a whole week’s worth of gameplay before the game actually launches. The beta is available in pretty much every region, and for PC all you need is a account and the accompanying app to get in on the action, where-as PS4 users just need to search it up on the PlayStation Store and start downloading it. Xbox One users can do the same, searching up the game through the store page and clicking on “Download”.

The beta sports 12 different maps across four different modes sporting 6-vs-6 matches with up to 12 players, 21 different playable heroes, with four different play options.

Now if you’re playing on Xbox One or PS4 you will need a PS Plus subscription or an Xbox Live Gold account. Otherwise you’ll be left out in the cold like a proletariat in Putin’s Russia.

Additionally, all progress from the beta will be wiped before the official launch on May 24th, so don’t get too attached. You can check out the system requirements and the FAQ over on the official Overwatch website.

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