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The Division Striker And Signature Glitch Still Works After Patch

Tom Clancy’s The Division is still riddled with some glitches and bugs. Depending on your stance on how game-breaking these glitches are, depends on what your stance on these specific glitches might ber: If you want to loot the Dark Zone without a contaminated pack, or obtain and use signature skills at a low level, then you are in luck.

It’s worth noting that the devs are trying their hardest to crack down on game-breaking bugs, but it seems that some still seep through every now and then, and usually pop up when a new update emerges.

In addition to this, when new updates surface in a game it can be frustrating for legit players.

With that said, YouTuber GamesGlitches shows how to get away with rare or good loot in the Dark Zone by equipping the Striker backpack. He even shows more than one that erases the gas mask and the Contaminated pack on your back from existence, rendering other players from seeing high-value loot you might have in your possession. This will give players a clean sweep through the Dark Zone of looting stuff without being attacked.

For those that find this glitch interesting and helpful, you can watch the video that starts at 2:35, unless you want to hear him making the fun of the devs.

To confirm that the glitch currently works now (assuming the devs didn’t patch it yet), several people on the video noted that it works, and one certain user said…

“Thanks dude, I have been trying to figure why my yellow bag wasn’t showing. Have my mask showing though. Was playing with one of my sons and asked him if he could see it. wow”.

The last glitch helps out beginners significantly. If you want to use some skills early on in the game to cheese past some stuff or gain some good loot quickly, you can use the switching of the Signatures to do so.

Something worth mentioning, when doing this glitch it’s easier using a controller than a keyboard. Several users pointed this out including GamesGlitches, which done normally on a keyboard might result in continuous fails. You can see a demonstration of the glitch below that starts at 1:05.

If players notice that the above glitches aren’t working correctly, it’s most likely that they’ve been patched in a new update, or addressed in a quick hotfix.

Lastly, the latter glitch has been around for a long time, and the former Striker backpack only works in the Dark Zone. In addition to this, they only work in certain scenarios granting players a benefit for doing specific farming runs, meaning that they’re not like the massive DPS glitch. The Division is out now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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