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1411410cookie-checkTom Clancy The Division 2 – Best Guide How To Escape With Rogue Status And Loot In The Division’s Dark Zone
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Tom Clancy The Division 2 – Best Guide How To Escape With Rogue Status And Loot In The Division’s Dark Zone

If you don’t mind being a cheapskate in Tom Clancy The Division 2 you will most definitely find this new glitch useful. Not only will it help you go Rogue and keep the status until the timer wears off, but you will get the loot from it while being protected by this glitch. It currently works on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

There’s no doubt that people will hate you for this glitch, but if you are in need of some good Rogue loot then this glitch will be right up your alley. In addition, it’s quite simple to do compared to the other dome escaping glitches, which require players to have precise aiming with added button combinations to make the glitches work.

The first step to the glitch is to become a Rogue agent in DZ02. Second, you will need to either keep killing people inside the dome or head back to the checkpoint near the alleyway with a ladder at the end. Climb up the ladder and stand near the ledge of the building where you will be able to climb back down.

Instead of climbing down, start doing the Jumping Jacks emote near the ladder and press the button to go down when your character slightly moves away from the ladder while doing the emote. This will cause your character to slightly fall through the floor, which if you keep climbing down and press either Circle or B to drop you should be able to walk around outside the dome.

Depending on where you’re standing, you will be able to shoot through the wall and kill enemy opponents while you’re still outside the dome. Once you are done getting the necessary amount of kills, head to an area where it looks like a messed up abandoned warehouse where you will be able to fast travel out of the area, or if you have gear on you it will instantly teleport you out.

You can check out Beyond‘s video showing how to escape while in Rogue status in The Division, which runs close to three minutes.

It’s best advised to use this if you want Rogue loot without any hassles, since Ubisoft has been cracking down on these types of glitches. With that said, this particular The Division glitch is likely to be patched in the future so use it while you can.

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