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1409710cookie-checkTotal War: Warhammer Will Gain Official Mod Support Ahead Of Its May 24th Launch

Total War: Warhammer Will Gain Official Mod Support Ahead Of Its May 24th Launch

Mods play an important part when it comes to replay value in a game, and they can be summarized as one of the best things about gaming. With that said, Sega announced in a press release that Total War: Warhammer will gain official mod support tools, and will feature Steam Workshop support, too.

That’s right, those who recall modding from old games to even more recent games, will now have the opportunity to mod Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer. One of the best things about mods is that it gives any player the opportunity to make just about whatever comes to mind, and see it come to fruition through the mod, which will only be for the best in a game like this.

As of course, we will have to wait on the official announcement when the mod support will be available for the strategy game, but it is noted that some modders will gain early access to the modding tools so that when the game launches there will be a variety of mods to choose from on May 24th.

To know that mod support is coming down the line is a nice treat to those that can’t wait to play their games fully decked out with custom content. In addition to this, Sega also provided some key points that’s worth elaborating on.

Folks will be able to upload, browse and do other actions, along with installing available mods right from Steam. Management of mods can also be done straight from the new Total War Mod Manager, as well.

The devs will also release the Database Editor and BOB for modifying and exporting database tables and campaign positioning. Other features are noted to accompany such, but will arrive later in the year.

Also, some modders will gain early access to the game’s modding tools, letting them populate Steam Workshop well before the game is out. As of course, this will also provide a nice list of mods to scroll through on launch.

Many fans say that this is the team’s response to the outcry of players who saw that one of the iconic races, the Chaos Warriors, are barred behind a pre-order wall to gain access to them in a video with close to 50,000 dislikes, which is just wrong considering how that they are already finished and in the game.

Anyways, if you think that the modding seems interesting, you can learn more by heading on over to the devs Twitter, or official website. Total War: Warhammer will release this year for PC, on May 24th.

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