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1409740cookie-checkTower Of Samsara Seeks Votes On Greenlight, And Launches On Kickstarter

Tower Of Samsara Seeks Votes On Greenlight, And Launches On Kickstarter

Based in Trentino, Italy, developers Vertov, Panter89 and TrueChicken seek to get their game, Tower Of Samsara, through both Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter. The 2D platformer currently has 27 days to reach $48,161, and stands at $6,198 as of the writing of this article.

Those who’ve played Crescent Moon Games’ The Deer God should have vivid memories rekindled when watching the trailer or viewing images of Tower Of Samsara. I would say that The Deer God had a bit more of a voxel-look to it than this game, but the similarities can’t be denied, well… aside from not playing a deer.

Set in the classic side-scrolling 2D spectrum, the action-adventure seeks to bring a very difficult aspect of gameplay to the table. From the looks of it, one hit will be enough to send you back to the last checkpoint and the same concept applies for enemies as well.

Adding on to the one-hit kill mechanic, blocking will be essential since you are playing as a knight. Weather patterns will also call for players to block or use their shield to prevent status or stage effects from hindering one’s path.

Like The Deer God, specific locations will be hidden and will task player to search them out and interact with the environment to move onward or uncover certain secrets to unlock new progressive routes. You can see the Greenlight and Kickstarter official video that was posted up on YouTube.

If that wasn’t enough, you can see some alpha footage showing snippets of gameplay. The video runs for three minutes, and mainly shows how the shield reacts to strong winter winds.

If this game seems like something worth voting for on Steam Greenlight to get on Steam, you can head on over to its official page to help it out. For those that want to help it through its Kickstarter run, you can head on over to Kickstarter to help it out. If you don’t want to do any of the above and want to learn more about it, you can hit up

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