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1413690cookie-checkWarcube Seeks To Bring Physics-Based Action To Steam Greenlight

Warcube Seeks To Bring Physics-Based Action To Steam Greenlight

At first glance this game might look like a Facebook game for mobile devices, but it’s actually more than that. A few Indie devs that go by the name Haven Made, seek to get their very interesting block game for PC through the Steam Greenlight process.

If you could take YouTube’s StealthGamerBR and the way he plays Farcry and Dishonored, and put it into a top down 3D pixel Castle Crasher-style realm, you would get this game. Simple games like this that aim to bring fun are games that I look forward to on Greenlight.

Warcube focuses on physics and different weapons and enemies affected by the physics placed within. This adds a dynamic movement system that allows the player to slow down time and kill surrounding enemies with a breeze. This also allows for actual trick shots with locomotive objects like arrows to ricochet off of something and hit a target.

“WARCUBE is a physics-based action brawler. Use the weapons of war to crush your enemies, siege castles, and bring glory to your six-sided self… all while enjoying a tasteful blend of slow-motion and speed ramping to make you look your best.”

The combat is most impressive since it comes from a small group of devs. Any time I see well-crafted indie game on Greenlight, it does bring excitement due to the game reflecting the small team’s effort and hard work. I just hope the team doesn’t abandon the game and seeks to improve it if the game makes it through the Greenlight voting segment.

With that said, you can watch the physics-based game in action with its 44 second long trailer. The video comes in by Haven Made, as shown below.

If you want to support the game you can hit up Steam Greenlight to do so. If you want to learn more about the devs and the game, you can head on over to

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