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Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing Now On Steam Greenlight

Tastee Beverage Studios has created an amazing new racing experience that puts you in the front seat of all the action in this high speed battle racing game, Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing.

Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing is similar to games like Extreme G, F-Zero Racing, and Quantum Red Shift to name a few. You have a futuristic machine that can reach incredible speeds and armed with powerful weapons. Your goal? Win the race by any means necessary as you blast through 20 complex race tracks with deadly jumps, extreme turns, and rival drivers that are looking to blow you up and take the lead. You will be able to reach top speeds of around 800MPH to 10,000MPH. Just try to imagine that type of speed while driving in first person!

bank limit2

The graphics for Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing are quite impressive and I love the first person cockpit and the freedom it gives you to look around. In case you were wondering, yes it does use a VR headset such as the HTC Vibe or the Oculus Rift to give you that freedom to look around and keep an eye on your surroundings and environment.

You won’t just be stuck on the ground though, they have three types of racing styles that you will switch between during the course of the race, ranging from magnet racers to drive up on the walls or and ceiling, aerial flying racing so that you will soar through the air or free-fall drop to another part of the track, and then back to racing on solid ground again as you race towards the finish line. You can see Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing in action by watching the linked trailer down below.

Bank Limit: Advanced Battle Racing also appears to have a free demo that you can download from the official website, so if you are interested you can click on the provided link to learn more.

Additionally, they have also submitted their game to Steam Greenlight, so if you would like to see more you can head on over to vote for them to help them get onto the Steam store page.

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