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Enter The Void: Tomorrow Children Open Beta Is Now Playable For PS4

Q-Games’ strange adventure shooter, or whatever you would like to call it, now has an Open Beta that’s live for PS4 players. This allows folks to get a taste of the game, which will last over the weekend to provide a good idea of what Enter The Void: Tomorrow Children is all about. The Open Beta is now live and is set to end on Monday.

Before explaining anything, this strange game can be better summed up if you watch the trailer so that you can know, or can better understand the content in the game. You can watch its old trailer below, which comes in by PlayStation‘s YouTube channel.

Alright, now that that’s out the way. Enter The Void revolves around different mechanics, but mainly the void. The void is a true mystery that will claim those that veer too far from the stabilization fields in town. In addition to this, players must use the bus to travel safely to place to place, better known as islands.

Speaking of islands, the resources needed to expand and help the towns are found on the strange islands that surround towns. You will also be able to rescue Matryoshka Dolls, I’m not sure what they do, but this also joins the function of bringing your tools along with you to toil and get resources.

Looking over to towns, they need both power and protection. Building treadmill generators help them to thrive, while turrets will drive away the Izverg and other monstrous enemies. To get stronger and to help towns grow, and to protect them, coupons will be available at the Ministry of Labour. These can be traded when visiting a kiosk for better equipment.

Lastly, cooperation will be something of importance. Mitigating the annoying process of having to beat other teammates to an item to be exclusively used by that person is gone. All items on the ground and stored resources can be used freely by anyone, assuming your teammates know how to ration items and use them when necessary.

If you want, the Open Beta for Enter The Void: Tomorrow Children is now live and can be acquired as a 2.9GB download from the PlayStation Store. For more information on this game, you can read the official blog post over on

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