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1416570cookie-checkGTA 5’s Single Player Apartment Mod Brings Multiplayer Apartments To Single-Player

GTA 5’s Single Player Apartment Mod Brings Multiplayer Apartments To Single-Player

Rockstar Games have added all sorts of cool and snazzy looking apartment buildings and living quarters to GTA Online. The multiplayer component has been receiving a ton of frequent updates. Well, one modder decided that all those cool multiplayer apartments would be pretty cool to have in the single-player mode.

Modder I’m Not MentaL scripted in the ability for GTA V players to utilize up to 47 new apartments in the single-player campaign mode. This includes every high life apartment, every high end apartment, the custom apartments, the stilt houses, the medium range apartment, the low-end apartment, and everything else in between.

You can get a look at how the apartments operate in the single-player mode with the video demonstration below from I’m Not MentaL.

This also allows for prop interactions from GTA Online as well, including taking showers, changing clothes, using the bed, drinking wine and even watching TV.

There were a few problems with the mod but they managed to get ironed out, including fixing some garage spawning issues as well as bug fixes and language support updates.

You will need quite a few utilities in order to get this particular mod to work. In fact, you’ll need a legitimate copy of GTA V‘s Executives and Other Criminals expansion pack, along with the ScriptHookV, the Script Hook V. NET, and a version of the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studios x64, along with Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4.5.2.

There’s a video guide showing you exactly how to install the multiplayer apartments into the single-player campaign, which you can check out below.

The mod has turned out to be extremely popular despite some of the bugs, but I’m Not MentaL is regularly updating the mod to squash as many bugs as possible. You can download the Single Player Apartment mod right now by grabbing the file from GTA5-Mods download page.

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