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Halo 5: Guardians’ New Content Arrives With Hog Wild REQ Expansion And More

Developer 343 Industries is still going strong trying to feed its player base new content every so often with more features to fiddle with. The latest addition to Halo 5: Guardians is the Hog Wild REQ Expansion, which features more armor and weapons.

Fans of the futuristic FPS will now be able to enjoy some new content which dropped yesterday on May 31st. This expansion brings more Legendary items and vehicles to the table that players can unlock. This includes even more deadly Warthogs, weapons and armor sets to dominate the field.

In addition to this, like the name suggests, the DLC will focus a bit more on the four-wheel vehicle the Warthog. This brings the new Vespin Rocket version and the Rare Sword Needler Warthog. A lot of them sport Uncommon, Rare and Legendary status.

Looking away from the new vehicles, since they are joined by a list of other unlockables, there are a pair of armor sets that change-up the way a Spartan’s helmet or armor looks. This includes the Stinger armor and the Interceptor Rictus set. These too come in as Uncommon, Rare and Legendary REQs.

Looking over to the weapons which some of them come in as Ultra Rare REQs, this fits the Aurum set into that category along with other Uncommon Hybrid weapons. I’m sure for all those who like to be acquainted with new content will enjoy this, as posted below.

halo 5 guardians 3

halo 5 guardians 4

For more information about this update, which is currently live, you can head on over to in case you’ve missed the update and want to freshen up on the latest Halo 5 news.

Lastly, the new REQ card update launched May 31st, and arrives ahead of the game being playable at this year’s E3. If you happen to be an Xbox One owner who didn’t purchase Halo 5: Guardians, you will be able to test the game out for free to see if it’s something worth supporting, although it’s been out since October 2015. With that said, Halo 5 is available now for Xbox One.

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