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Lone Light: Trippy Atmospheric Puzzle Game Launches IndieGogo Campaign

Lone Light is probably going to be one of the strangest puzzle games I will see this year. Developer Hessamoddin Sharifpour has created a new atmospheric puzzle game that’s all about bending light and shadows to find your way through the darkness.

When I watched the trailer the first three times I didn’t really get it, then I read the description and watched the trailer again for a fourth time, and now I’m starting to see how Lone Light actually operates as a game.

You play as a Lone Light that must navigate its way through the darkness, but that task isn’t so simple because the player won’t always know where the source of light is coming from. So using a bit of observation and patience, you will start to see how the light moves around and eventually figure out what you are looking at to solve the puzzles.

lone light2

Your job is to locate the light’s source and guide the light into black holes to move on to the next level. Because the light is surrounded by darkness, you will need to use the light to shine it across the play area, locate objects, and reflect the light off of the objects to create shadows. Using the light source and the way it manipulates and bends the shadows will allow you to pinpoint where the source of light’s starting position is, and from there navigate it around to find the black hole.

At least, that is what I have pieced together so far from reading about the game and watching the really funky gameplay trailer that I linked down below. Check it out and prepare to have your mind melt from this really trippy video that showcases Lone Light in action.

The developer has launched Lone Light on Steam Greenlight and is currently looking to get his game approved for the official Steam store. However, he is also holding an IndieGogo campaign to raise additional funds for his game as well, so if you are interested in supporting the development of the game you can follow the provided links to learn more.

Additionally, you can check out the official Lone Light website for further details to learn more about what the game has to offer.

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