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1416450cookie-checkLost In Harmony Hits Steam Greenlight With New Customization Features

Lost In Harmony Hits Steam Greenlight With New Customization Features

Digixart Entertainment’s Lost In Harmony is making the leap from mobile devices to PC. In an interview a while back the developers didn’t discount bringing the game to a service like Steam Greenlight, and now it’s finally arrived.

The indie studio – composed of veterans who worked on games like Valiant Hearts – are not just bringing the mobile music-rhythm game to PC, they’re doing so with some added bonuses and customization options.

Players will be able to outfit Kaito and Aya as they journey through more than 30 different environments, dodging obstacles and listening to the sweet, sculptural sounds of musical bliss along the way. There’s even an original track composed by Grammy winning artist Wyclef Jean that has made the cut.

Vincent Swaenepoel, a developer at Digixart commented about the inclusion of Lost In Harmony on Steam Greenlight, saying…

“Since the launch of Lost in Harmony, we received a lot of feedbacks” […] “Our fans want to go further in the experience. We listened to them and we developed a totally new version of the level editor in addition to a very magic feature!”

That’s right, there’s a brand new level editor included in the PC version of the game that allows players to finely craft the levels they want in the way that they want. You can briefly see what the level editor is like, along with some of the new customization features in the Greenlight trailer below.

And yes, you can import your own songs, create tracks to match those songs and then upload your creation to share it with others the world around.

Additionally, you can also play the game as Aya if Kaito isn’t to your liking. Both characters get a number of different clothing and accessory options for you to deck them out with.

Lost In Harmony is currently seeking votes and favorites over on Steam Greenlight at the moment. The game launched a while back for mobile devices, so you can check the game out and give it a vote if you want to see it land on the Steam store at some point. For more info feel free to visit the Steam Greenlight page.

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