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1416630cookie-checkNiOh Gains New Screenshots While PS4 Beta Scheduled For August

NiOh Gains New Screenshots While PS4 Beta Scheduled For August

Those who were able to test the PS4 exclusive demo for NiOh some time back will now be able to play the game once more with an upcoming Beta. Like the previous Alpha demo, the Beta will be exclusive to PS4, and currently has no release date yet.

Announced sometime back on the 4th of April, the official revealed that NiOh was going to sport an official Alpha demo on the 26th, which would end on May 5th. Looking at the upcoming free demo version, it will stand as NiOh’s first playable Beta.

I’m not sure how much the Beta will let players experience, or if you will be able to keep some of the progress into the full release, but it is for certain that it will land sometime during the next two months.

Joining the news of a playable Beta is some new screenshots that derive from the Weekly Famitsu magazine. Some of the images are quite old but provide names of enemies that folks will encounter during their playthrough.

I’ll list the names of the enemies in order of their pictures shown respectively, instead of filling the screen with names interjected with magazine scans. The first enemy is the Onibi followed by the Mukorumusya, Hinoenma, Nurikabe, Ohnyudo, Onryoki and the Nue. You can check them all out, and then some, thanks to the Weekly Famitsu.


I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s work with NiOh. In addition, it takes on the likes of Dark Souls and the Witcher with its brutal combat and giant ruthless monsters, while at the same time adding its own twist during the old days of Japan, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

NiOh currently has no release date and could change from releasing sometime in 2016 to next year. With that said, the game is scheduled to have a playable Beta this August for PS4.

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