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Project Highrise Lets You Create Your Dream Skyscraper

SomaSim and Kasedo Games recently announced that their side-scrolling, architectural, skyscraper building simulator called Project Highrise, is due for release this summer on PC.

Blues caught wind of the latest trailer from the developers that showcases a little bit of the gameplay, as well as the options that make it possible to create some very inventive and visually inimitable skyscrapers using the tools available. You can see some of the crazy designs put into play with the trailer below.

The object of the game is that players are in the role of an architect who must build a world renown skyscraper – a highrise to defeat all highrises. Players will have to manage the spaces within the highrise, from restaurants and office spaces, to stores and apartments.

There’s a sandbox structure to the game as players will attempt to erect a building that is both functional and a visual splendor.

Like any typical managerial game, players will have to keep tenets happy, the building maintained and financed for operational efficiency.

Players can outfit different sections for different purposes, but at the end of the day both curb appeal and profit will be the order of the day.

Project Highrise

They don’t mention is structural integrity will eventually degrade over time, or if there’s a limit to how big and how tall you can make your highrise, but I can already imagine a lot of creative buildings being constructed for the game by the community.

In a way, it reminds me a little bit like a highrise version of Prison Architect. I imagine gamers who wanted a more concentrated managerial simulation based on building management as opposed to city management, might really like Project Highrise.

They don’t have the system requirements listed for the game, yet. But you can check out the Steam store page where they note that the game is due to drop this summer for PC.

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