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Resin Tests Players’ Skill With Unique Power Level Elements

Resin is a retro-style 2D pixel art, action-platformer developed by indie developer Rinberd. This game may seem simple in concept at first, but it sounds like if you play long enough, survival will become an ever-growing challenge.

Gameplay wise, Resin has an aesthetic style similar to games like Out Of This World, with a heavy focus on travel, platforms, and melee combat. Players will be forced to adapt to survive, not because the world keeps changing, not because you will be flooded with hoards of monsters, but for the fact that the hero is slowly dying.

Resin 2

In the world of Resin, there are creatures that generate warmth, and there are many creatures and machines that rely on this warmth to survive. The main protagonist is an android, tasked with destroying the last living warmth generators, but she too is also powered by the warmth they emit. So with every boss you destroy, you lose a little bit more warmth, and with it, you also lose health, power, and speed. This is actually the reverse of what you normally find in other games like Legend Of Zelda or Metroid games, where you get stronger by defeating bosses and earning new weapons that make you stronger.

In Resin, you are essentially killing yourself little by little, and will grow weaker because of it.

By the time you start making it to the end game levels, I imagine that you will be running on fumes at that point, which will make the game exceedingly difficult. The developer says that they were inspired by games like Dark Souls, Demon’s Crest, and other MetroidVania games to bring Resin to life.

Resin will be in a non-linear world, allowing you to explore and find new paths, make your own progress, and then backtrack to past locations to fight, explore, and conquer at your own pace. Since you lose a little bit of warmth with each boss generator you defeat, planning out your actions and proceeding with caution sounds like the best course of action for this game. The developers released a gameplay trailer showcasing a little bit of the combat and exploration system that I linked down below.

Resin is currently on Steam Greenlight and is looking for approval, so if you are interested you can follow the link to learn more and cast your vote.

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