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1417200cookie-checkSwitch 2D Puzzle platformer Comes To Steam Greenlight

Switch 2D Puzzle platformer Comes To Steam Greenlight

Switch is a cute 2D platform game developed by Threye inc. The developers have released a free gameplay demo so I downloaded it to see what the game was like, and it is actually pretty cool for a game with such a simple concept.

I would recommend playing with a controller because the keyboard controls can make the game a bit difficult, but I really like the concept behind Switch. You play as the letter “I”, as in the Alphabet letter, who is the main protagonist of this adventure with the ability to switch into two different forms.

Switch has a cute gimmick because he can turn into a big I or a little lower case i, the two forms don’t change much gameplay-wise in terms of his abilities and mostly just changes the way he looks, however certain platforms in the world of Switch will be affected by his ability to change form, and will either activate or deactivate certain platforms for you to interact with. On top of this, his ability to Switch automatically makes him jump, so you will need to use this ability to Switch forms as a second double-jump to navigate the complex levels to solve puzzles and make it to the end goal.

You will also be able to slide down walls and hop off of them, but sometimes you will only have a single wall to interact with, which means you have to jump off the wall, Switch in mid-air to activate the second jump, then move back closer to the same wall again to cling to it and climb up higher. This can really add to the complexity of the level designs if the platform at the top of the wall activates and deactivates whenever you Switch, causing you to have to time and plan out your jumps so that you will have a solid platform to land on.

The last ability our little hero has is the ability to shoot off what I presume to be little ink balls, you can use these to attack enemies as well as hit floating switches to manipulate Certain items in the stage, such as unlocking doors. Throw in endless pits, spikes, and other dangerous traps and obstacles and you have an adventure platform game that is rather challenging, but also quite fun. The developer released a video to showcase the gameplay so I linked the video down below so you can see a bit of how the game mechanics work.

If you are interested in playing the free demo or voting for Switch on Steam Greenlight, you can follow the provided link for further details to learn more. Switch is scheduled for a 3rd quarter of 2016 release date, so we should be seeing more soon. Furthermore, you can also visit the official Switch website to learn more about the game.

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