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1414360cookie-checkWild Terra Online Brings Classic Isometric-RPG Elements To Greenlight

Wild Terra Online Brings Classic Isometric-RPG Elements To Greenlight

I’m sure that there are fans of Age Of Empires, Diablo and Baldur’s gate, that will absolutely love the concept behind Wild Terra Online, as it combines elements of all the above mentioned games into one tidy package.

Wild Terra Online is a sandbox, survival, Massive multiplayer online game, made by developers Juvty Worlds. Wild Terra Online places you in a player-driven medieval world that you and the other players shape and build yourselves. It has a lot of cool elements that has grabbed my attention, but one of them is the classic 3D graphics, UI, and real time combat gameplay that made it stand out from the crowd.

The developers say that there are no pre-made castles, NPCs or quests, it is all up to the players to work together and decide what they want, where to get the supplies, and work together to survive and flourish against nature and other evils that roam the world. Players will also be able to team up and work together to explore dungeons, have party vs party arena combat, and upgrade your skills for crafting and survival.

Wild Terra Online 2

Players in Wild Terra Online will also be able to build and customize their own houses, pave new roads, and cut down forests, which then leads to building and protecting their own village, town and cities. The buildings and parts of the world can be destroyed, and PVP against other players is possible, which means that you could find yourself under siege by a rival group of players looking to take what you have.

The developers say that just because you are higher in level with fancy equipment, doesn’t mean that you will be victories in battle, skill and strategy will play a large part in your success. Want something without killing or being noticed by other people around you? Future updates will allow players to be able to play as a rogue-type to sneak and use stealth to remain undetected, and the developers are also planning on adding in a crime, witness and evidence system as well, which means that players could also have a career as a bounty hunter or woodland ranger.

I’m not entirely sure how skills and abilities will play into combat for Wild Terra Online, but the below gameplay trailer does show what appears to be siege weapons and mounts that players can utilize in combat, which will add some pretty interesting dynamics to the gameplay. Players will be able to choose between quiet peaceful servers, as well as full hardcore servers with loot drop upon dying and constant PVP. You can see Wild Terra Online in action by watching the below gameplay trailer that I linked down below.

For now, Wild Terra Online is still in its early Alpha stages, but it appears to be playable. They are currently aiming for a fourth quarter of 2016 release date, so stay tuned to learn more as further details about the game is released. Last but not least, when the game does release the developers say on their official website’s FAQ that they will be going with a Buy To Play business model, where you buy the game once and it is Free To Play after that. You can’t beat that type of business model in this day and age of online gaming.

If you would like to see Wild Terra Online on Steam, you can head on over to the Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote. Want to play now? They currently have an Early Access version going on at their website, so for additional information about Wild Terra Online you can head on over and visit their Official website for further details.

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