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1418180cookie-checkDragon Bros Seek To Bring Shooting And Platforming To Greenlight

Dragon Bros Seek To Bring Shooting And Platforming To Greenlight

Retro is nothing new in the indie field and it seems as if its been overdone if you ask me, and sadly Space Lizard’s game is no exception. However, this doesn’t mean that their game Dragon Bros is bad, it just means that it does a good job at hopping on the retro train; so if you have a thing for retro platform shooters, then you’ll likely find the devs’ game to be interesting. Dragon Bros is currently on Steam Greenlight and is seeking votes.

In an attempt to channel the retro atmosphere with a story that follows four teenage dragons that go on an adventure to save their mom who was mysteriously kidnapped by an unknown force. The game sends the dragons on a wacky 2D adventure.

In addition to the story, the force that folks will be battling are called the Mechaliches, who are evil robots that survived a technological collapse of advanced aliens. During the teenage dragons’ adventure, players will encounter “mega bosses” and will have to face devastating enemies across a variety of areas.

Those who like to explore 2D stages and find hidden secrets and stuff can rest easy knowing that there will be plenty of that scattered throughout the campaign. This means back tracking will play an important part, if that’s something you fancy.

Anyways, instead of talking about the story and mechanics, you can check out the actual game in motion, although I think it could use some polishing here and there. The minute and a half long video comes in courtesy of Space Lizard‘s YouTube channel.

Lastly, 2 player co-op will be something added in, as well as a fist full of weapons with alternate functions. Either blasting foes down by yourself or with a friend, the devs seek to fill Dragon Bros with non-stop action, and if that sounds like something worth voting for you can do so by hitting up Steam Greenlight. For more information regarding this game you can head on over to

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