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Eximius Release Alpha Footage For FPS-RTS On Steam Greenlight

For those of you that love real time strategy games and first person shooters, you might really enjoy the concept of Eximius as it combines both genres into a single game, brought to you by the indie developers at Ammobox Studios.

Before you get your hopes up high that you will be able to play Eximius sometime soon, I should mention that Eximius has a full release date of 2018, and although it does seem to have a working gameplay system in place, it is currently nothing but an early Alpha build.

The animations and graphics still needs a bit of work, but I can already see the potential for what Eximius could become in the future if it is done right with proper care and planning to balance out the gameplay. Regardless of the long wait time for the release, the Alpha gameplay video down below showcases what we will be able to expect out of the final game as it moves closer towards its official launch date.

Eximius will feature 5 VS 5, player VS player RTS battles, where you will be able to build up your base, command your army, and launch your squads into battle to conquer the enemy base using a zoomed out, tactical overhead perspective to see the overall battlefield.

The really cool part about this is that you will also be able to fight alongside the AI controlled soldiers to fight with your squad in a first person style shooter and work with other players to turn the tide of battle with both tactical map precision and strategy, as well as your proficiency with a gun to pick off enemy soldiers to advance your squad forward to take the victory.

Eximius 2

The gameplay for Eximius works very similar to the tactical map and Commander mode from the Battlefield series. You can point and click to create waypoints for your soldiers to follow, or drag the mouse across the screen to select a group of AI controlled soldiers to move to a specific area, and then build bases and command points to assist your soldiers in the field to provide them with the resources they need to win the battle.

At the moment, there isn’t much information about the development of the game other than the fact that it was under the code name “Project Combine” before being renamed to Eximius. Even the official website currently just links back to their facebook page, so for now all the information we have about the game is currently on their Steam Greenlight page where they are looking to receive feedback and votes to help their game progress forward in development.

If you are interested, you can follow the provided link to learn more about Eximius.

[EDITED on 7/3/2016: A correction was made to clarify how you take control of your own soldier to fight in battle.]

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