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1419290cookie-checkFoxhole Offers Online Sandbox RTS Warfare In A Persistent world

Foxhole Offers Online Sandbox RTS Warfare In A Persistent world

Foxhole is a new indie title that places you in the role of a soldier in what looks to be a first World War setting. Join up with your friends in an online MMO that features an-ever growing player based persistent world, developed by the team at Clapfoot INC.

You may be familiar with this gameplay style from other similar tactical squad games such as Running With Rifles, where the camera is zoomed out in an isometric view to allow you to see your environment clearly and plan out your actions. Foxhole is a tactical team strategy game where you will be working with other players to form your squads, build up your base, create a supply line, defend your base, and then over the course of weeks, assault the enemy base to conquer and gain more territory in a never ending war.

As mentioned above, the entire game is in a ever growing persistent world, so time will pass in the game server with day and night cycles, allowing you to formulate night missions to attack the enemy base, and everything you build will stay and continue to be present in the world. Even your character will be persistent and will remain active in the game world even when you log offline. I’m not sure if they mean your character will continue to fight and defend, of if you set your character to repair and build if they will continue doing those actions even while you are offline.

To ensure players use strategy and teamwork, the developers say that resources, ammo and other supplies will be limited, so you will really need to work together to survive and gain progress. Players will be able to crouch, go prone, and throw grenades to take out their enemies, and they say that reconnaissance is equally as beneficial to the team as firepower.

It sounds like Foxhole is really trying hard to push the teamwork and tactical strategy elements, so I am very curious to see how it all pans out as they move forward with development. They have released a gameplay trailer so I linked the video down below so you can see the game for yourself.

The game looks cool, but I am rather perplexed about the system requires that reads:

Mid to high end PC required: Windows 64-bit, 8GB RAM, 1GB DX11 GPU, Internet

1GB with DX11 GPU and 8GB of RAM seems pretty extreme for this game, especially for the fact that I don’t see a massive amount of destruction taking place, mind blowing graphics, or a crazy amount of physics going on. I see a lot of grenades and explosions going off, but the fences, the roads, and trenches remain in tact, so I am rather curious about the system requirements and why they seem to be so high. However, the game is only a prototype Alpha build at the moment, so perhaps these specs could change in time.

Regardless, the developers are allowing players to test the game for themselves to try their free prototype build. If you are interested, you can head on over to their official website for further details, or check out their Steam Greenlight page for additional information about the game.

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