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1419660cookie-checkNiOh’s Next Playable PS4 Demo Will Launch On August 23rd

NiOh’s Next Playable PS4 Demo Will Launch On August 23rd

Another game that I’m looking forward to is Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s NiOh. Set during the time of match-lock rifles and steel blades, NiOh not only captures the brutal essence of Dark Souls, but retains its own unique style of ancient Japanese demons and Samurai arts. With that said, the game will sport yet another demo for folks to try out, which will be exclusive to the PS4 on August 23rd.

All of the above information comes from the, which Chin Soon Sun (the Community Manager) took to, announcing that the demo for NiOh will drop next month for fans to try out again. Like the previous demo, this one will hold the same content except with a few added content that explains the game’s combat system.

This new content is said to be shaped by the community feedback that was provided during the alpha, and will be released on the PlayStation Network, or PSN. Although I mentioned that the demo will be playable on the 23rd, I think it’s worth noting that it will be taken down on September 5th, and will no longer work from there on out. So grab it fast once it becomes available.

Moreover, if you are curious as to what will hit the upcoming brutal game, you can read a snippet of info by Chin Soon Sun:

“A new dojo stage will feature an intense training session which teaches the basics of Nioh’s samurai combat system. Players will also be able to explore a yet-to-be-announced stage.”

Joining the new content consists of a selection of new weapons that range from katanas, spears, axes and hammers. Players will also be able to add some new weapons to their list too. This will obviously affect your gameplay style for better or for worse, depending on your skill with said weapons.

But enough rambling about the demo’s features. You can check out the newly posted screenshots that are on display over at the that show Muneshige Tachibana, Ginchiyo Tachibana, William and the Tachibana’s Raiken spirits.

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NiOh is scheduled to launch sometime this year, and will have its second demo available to play on August 23rd, which will end on September 5th. For more information on the game, you can head on over to the to learn more.

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