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Portal Knights 0.5.0 Update Expands With Larger Islands, Voice Chat

Keen Games and 505 Games recently updated Portal Knights with version 0.5.0, adding in tons of new vanity items while also introducing larger islands for players to explore, dig and craft on.

The changelog for Portal Knights was posted up over on the Steam updates page, where they have a long list of newly added features, including the ability to customize your controls and customize the controls of a controller. They’ve added and improved text chat, voice chat, and added all new events for players to battle through. In the press release they highlight the Orc invasion event that opens up a new island event to battle new enemies, earn new loot and gather up new items. There’s also a new event that allows you to hunt down a recipe for a brand new potion.

You get a small taste of the content with the 0.5.0 update trailer that you can view below.

The goodies don’t end there.

They’ve added four brand new consumable items to the game, 14 new vanity items for your character to wear, as well as push-to-talk voice chat capabilities, so now it’s easier than ever to talk to friends or taunt rivals.

They fixed a few glitches and bugs as well, including the durability of tools and weapons, along with reduced mining times for crystal blocks.

They’ve also added a few more graphics options to the game that enable players to change the LOD for better optimization for those playing on low-end machines. There are a few more fixes and additions that they roll out over on the changelog.

Portal Knights is still in Early Access over on the Steam store for $14.99. The game is still moving through the development phase a rapid rate but they want to make sure they get the game up and out by end of 2016. For more info feel free to visit the official website.

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