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1419480cookie-checkWe Happy Few Will Launch On PC And Xbox One On July 26th

We Happy Few Will Launch On PC And Xbox One On July 26th

One of the games I’m really looking forward to from Compulsion Games is their project We Happy Few. Recently, the devs published a new update thread on Steam Early Access detailing their work on the game, the release date for PC and Xbox One, and what folks can expect before the game drops.

Doing a daily stroll through Steam led me to something quite interesting, which stands as two updates regarding We Happy Few, its release date and new features listed on Early Access. The devs detailed quite a bit of info pertaining to the interesting game, and even snuck in a few silly jokes along the way in other posts. You can read the first introductory post that the devs released below:

“At only 2.5 weeks from release, things are getting pretty heated around here. We are currently finalizing the Xbox One build for certification, and so far, things are looking to be on track.”

Excited myself, it was interesting to see the team actually drop the release date, seeing how everywhere else lists the game as “coming soon” or “2016” for its release date. But now, you can see the truth thanks to the update post showing it as July 26th for PC and Xbox One:

“In case you missed it, earlier this week we were finally able to announce a few exciting things. First, the game will debut on July 26 for US$29.99 both on PC and Xbox One. We also announced some updated specs, the We Happy Few page on, and how we will deliver Kickstarter Early Access keys (through BackerKit). If you would like to read the full blog post, check it out here[en]!”

Furthermore, we also gain some info on the world and how the outside locations will look with some screenshots showing a grassy field on a gloomy day.

we happy few game 3

In addition to the outside locations, we learn that there will be “Y” junctions that link other locations and cities together. I’m assuming this is the procedurally generated parts in the game that offer up a variety when strolling around.

“They each have a very specific navigation purpose. For instance some of them are only “one-way” from the street to the open areas (and vice-versa), some of them are shaped like a “Y” with a junction, some are made like a funnel, so they’re are not “one-way’’, but “likely one-way”. Some of them have stairs and verticality. They all contain a few items that you can find ;)”

Doing a little more research, the devs explain the procedural generation by saying:

“If you die in “We Happy Few”, that’s it – there is no reloading your save. It’s designed to be replayed. Each time you die, you’ll restart in a brand new city, thanks to our procedural generation tech. You’ll be able to customize the world to your liking, and play through using multiple characters and playstyles. Each time, you’ll learn a little more about how to survive in Wellington Wells.”

They also posted another picture showing the “Y” junction segment that looks like an abandoned house off by the sea (going by the sand and rocks). It can be seen below for your viewing pleasure.

we happy few game 4

To get a better idea on the update threads that the team posted up, you can read both the first and second updates by heading to Compulsion Games’ Steam Early Access page. For more information regarding We Happy Few, you can skip on over to

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