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8 August 2016

CASE: Animatronics Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

HypeTrain Digital and Last Level’s CASE: Animatronics is the latest in horror games themed around animatronic puppets. The sandbox-style design can easily prove to be difficult for some players, but thankfully there is a complete gameplay walkthrough guide available to show you where to go and how to get through some of the more difficult segments.

The game shares a lot of similarities with Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s series, except it’s in 3D and you can freely move around. YouTuber Father has a 42 minute long video walkthrough of CASE: Animatronics that you can check out below.

For the first door’s passcode, you’ll find it written on the piece of paper by the destroyed animatronic puppet. The code is: 749.

After you turn back on the power, the giant killer animatronic will begin to hunt you down as if you were a professional purse snatcher. The best place to hide is in the lockers at first, and simply wait for the animatronic to walk past you before leaving.

Head into the locker room when you get a chance and in the corner right by the door there’s a keycard on the floor. Use it to enter into the room near the locker to turn the power on and check the security feed. Another animatronic will start using the ventilation shaft.

Head into the holding cell area and go to the back of the room where you’ll find the lockpick kit in a safe on the back wall. Head back to main offices and a short cinematic will play showing an animatronic entering into the room where you need to go. Wait for it to leave and then lockpick the door and you’ll need to play a mini-game on the computer to unlock the charger so you can charge the battery. Proceed to check the file cabinets behind the computer and you’ll find another keycard for Paul Morgan’s office.

CASE: Animatronic

After another short cinematic, players will have to make their way to the control room to turn back on the ventilation within the police station. They’ll also learn that surviving until 3:00am means that the villain will give them a key to escape from the police station.

You’ll need to head back into the office near A4 and there’s a keycard inside of a safe on top of a desk.

When you get through the locked room the villain will call you on the phone and reveal a new owl animatronic. The robot will be blocking the door so you’ll have to slowly back out and then come back in order to get into the office where the owl animatronic was.

Head back to the jail cell and you’ll need to picklock the door to get into the room where the villain will say some more vapid threats. On the computer screen it will reveal that there’s a special keycard on the back of one of the animatronics. However, you’ll be able to get the keycards from off the animatronics given that they shutdown after several hours of operation.

You can access one of the locked computers by using the passcode: 6509.

Eventually you’ll need to find the right keycard from the animatronic puppets that have shutdown throughout the station and then use the card to exit from the police station to end the game.

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