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1424820cookie-checkCheck Out Over An Hour Of Gravity Rush 2’s Gameplay In New Video

Check Out Over An Hour Of Gravity Rush 2’s Gameplay In New Video

The original Gravity Rush released on PS Vita and soon afterwards made its way over on the PS4. After the cel-shaded game garnered more traction, publisher Sony and developers SIE Japan Studio and Project Siren started working on the second installment of Gravity Rush, which will be for PS4. Sporting over an hour’s worth of gameplay, a new video shows the latest progress of Gravity Rush 2.

Clarifying things right off the bat, the one hour long video does not come in by a random YouTuber but by the official Japanese PlayStation channel. Had it been the former it would most likely cease to exist if the video displayed an hour’s worth of gameplay footage.

With that out of the way, the video below should stay intact seeing how the official devs streamed the event on August 18th, but released the video just yesterday. This means that folks that weren’t around for the stream will be able to hunker down and watch the video.

The video shows the city, and a rocky floating place with relics sprawled about the location. This includes gravity abilities used in both the city and the other place, which should be pleasing to fans. The city is evident as seen below.

gr2 2

The image above also reveals that cel-shaded models and objects are still in the second version, which is cool given that I’m a fan of cel-shaded designs.

If you are interested in the hour long video, you can watch it in its entirety, although some of the video is interrupted by the devs talking, showing concept art and displaying other features — but nonetheless it’s an interesting video to watch.

As of now, the game seems to have fans quite excited. If the game, Gravity Rush 2 looks interesting to you, it is set to launch over in the West on December 2nd, 2016, for PS4.

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