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1424400cookie-checkIndie Game Think To Die Challenges Players to kill Themselves

Indie Game Think To Die Challenges Players to kill Themselves

Indie developer FelGC Games has created a puzzle game that requires you to think of various ways on how to kill yourself using the objects around you. The name of the game is called Think To Die.

When I first saw this I thought it was another cheap Greenlight game, but the concept is a bit interesting and I took notice after other players began to share their thoughts about how fun the game was, so I downloaded the free version of the game and gave it a test to see what it was like.

It’s a pretty simple concept really, you just have to find a way to die. The entire game for Think To Die takes place in a 3D world that operates on a 2D platform perspective. You will have to solve a variety of different puzzles using the objects around you, such as boxes, spikes and switches, to figure out how to utilize the objects to kill your character. Take a look at the gameplay trailer linked below to get an idea for how it works.

Think you seen all the game has to offer? Well, yes pretty much, because almost all of the puzzles use the same elements in different ways, but the developer says that the game has about 120 levels that will slowly increase with difficulty as you progress further. In total, they say that the game is planned to have about 200 puzzles for you to solve.

To add an additional challenge, there are some levels with Think To Die that will task you with killing multiple characters within a single stage, causing the puzzles to become more difficult if you have a limited amount of items to utilize to get the desired effect of killing all the characters.

The graphics art style is quite odd, as it has a rather happy and sublime feeling to it, the same can be said about the jolly soundtrack that plays in the background. I suppose having a game about suicide was already rather grim, so the developer decided to lighten the mood by feeding you some happy pills before jumping into the game.

At the moment, Think To Die is currently in Alpha and still has a few bugs, clipping errors and performance problems it needs to work out, but if you want to download the game for free you can do so now for a limited time from the developer’s page.

If you are interested in supporting Think To Die on Steam Greenlight you can do so by following the provided link to learn more and cast your vote.

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