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NewsMaxTV Fires Journalist For Outing Network Agenda On-Air

As if things need to get any worse than they already are, former NewsMaxTV host Dennis Michael Lynch was given the boot from his own TV show, Dennis Michael Lynch: Unfiltered, after he outed the network’s agenda to push an anti-Fox News package in light of the increasing anti-Trump sentiment within news media.

Kotaku In Action was quick to spot the news that went up over on Mediaite, where they shared a 13 minute unfiltered clip of Dennis Michael Lynch’s final broadcast on the network. A 10 minute, truncated version was partially shown on NewsMaxTV before they pulled the broadcast off the air when Lynch exposed what was happening in the industry. You can watch both clips below.

The Facebook post has already garnered more than 200,000 views as of the writing of this article. A short gist of why Lynch decided to out the network is stuffed in the middle of the diatribe against the powers that be, where he states…

“This morning, to top it all off, I was told I would no longer have editorial discretion on my own on what happens with the show. I will no longer have full reign over the topics chosen. [The topics] will be chosen for me like the other shows, and we’re all going to be in unity.


“Furthermore, I’ve been told I’m going to be handed pre-made packages, and those packages will have pre-made news items in them from our Florida office.”

Lynch goes on to say that one of those packages ran without his say-so, and he was not pleased with it at all. He makes it clear where he stands with his politics and that while he disagrees on various things with Donald Trump, he’s certainly not in Hillary Clinton’s camp.

NewsMaxTV essentially wanted Lynch to run smear against Fox News with one of those pre-made packages, which were little more than hit-pieces against the network.

As we move closer toward election season, more and more networks are forcibly trying to get people to steer clear of Donald Trump. Even in the face of the Democratic National Committee e-mail dump that WikiLeaks exposed showing that partisan committees helped back stab Bernie Sanders so Clinton could get the Democratic nomination, the news still ran with their anti-Trump, pro-Clinton agenda.

Some journalists even decided to lambast WikiLeaks for dumping the information, conflating the leaks with #GamerGate and attempting to call people viewing the information “hateful”, “misogynistic” and “bigots”.

In this particular case, for not kowtowing to the agenda Lynch lost his job and was pulled off air by NewsMaxTV.

Even before the plug was pulled, Lynch rhetorically asked…

“Has everyone lost their integrity in the media?”

It’s almost identical to a situation that happened in the 1976 masterpiece by Sidney Lumet, Network. For those of you unfamiliar, YouTube user deepshitrulez has the iconic clip containing the scene from Peter Finch’s character that echoes sensibilities that still apply to today’s society.

For Lynch, he’s mad enough that he doesn’t need NewsMaxTV anymore. Over on his own website he replied to the company after they e-mailed him to let him know that his contract was terminated, stating that he was starting his own network with a team of like-minded conservatives…

“As an award-winning entrepreneur with an eager team of conservatives, I’m prepared to put my money where my mouth is by building a TV network of our own — the sort of network that offers programming Americans can trust. And they trust it because DML is at the helm…. so get ready, because it’s all unfiltered!“

There’s no word yet if NewsMaxTV will put someone more filtered in the role of Dennis Michael Lynch who is more filtered for the “Unfiltered” show, but this turn of event was followed recently by attempts from officers to silence an anonymous blogger for exposing a string of corruption within the district. The details of that latter event are laid out over on The Intercept.

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