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Sonic Forces 2 Accidentally Leaked on Sega’s Website

Released in 2017, Sonic Forces coupled with Sonic Mania to unify the overarching story of the original games into one cohesive story. Along with the providing justification for the randomness to the levels and how Sonic managed to traverse to so any different locales with such speed. It also allowed players to create their own OC, which combined with Harambe’s death, gave us 2020.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have spat in the face of God? Well, too late now. All jokes aside, the game sold fantastically. Combined with Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Football Manager 2018, Sega’s sales totaled over 14.3 million copies driving a 76% increase in quarterly earnings year over year. Given that level of success, along with fan adoration, a sequel was all but guaranteed.


After years of silence and internal political drama, the sequel’s development has been leaked via Sega’s official storefront. Set for a June 2021 release, the game currently lacks box art, details, or even a specific date, but at least fans can rest assured the game is in development.

As for when the game will be officially announced, there is a candidate for said announcement. Keep in mind the following is conjecture, not fact.

Sega and Microsoft have locked in a partnership for the next generation. Currently, Sega has given Microsoft exclusive advertisement rights for Yakuza: Like A Dragon, along with an unspecified timed exclusivity. Verified rumors have alleged the two’s partnership is extensive, but specifics were not provided. Presuming that is true, then the upcoming rumored September Event for Xbox Series X sits as a potential candidate to showcase the next entry in the Sonic Universe.
With the game’s existence leaked, whether Sega announces with Microsoft or not, fans will likely not have long to wait for the official announcement. The fact the listing was on the official store demonstrates this is not a gaffe on the part of a retailer, but the company preparing to have the game available for pre-order after said announcement.

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