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PS4 Slim Unboxing Video Reveals New DualShock 4 Controller

Sony has been working real hard to keep people from seeing the PlayStation 4 Slim, but you can’t keep a good leaker down. The individual who managed to purchase the PS4 Slim has been making the rounds, showing off the new console to various outlets and giving gamers a look at some of the new features that Sony plans to unveil for their console in September.

All Games Delta ended up posting up a video of the unboxing after ZRZ was hit with a copyright claim from Sony after they initially posted up the unboxing video.

The re-uploaded video made its way over to Daily Motion, where the unboxing takes place over the course of just six minutes.

The PlayStation 4 Slim featured in the video is actually real and not a 3D printed replica as skeptics like myself had originally thought.

It’s a 500GB unit and you can see what the new DualShock 4 controller and console look like in the video below.

۞ by AGB-Media

The wired headset is pulled out first, along with a look at the new DualShock 4 controller, which features a lightbar at the top of the touchpad in the middle of the controller.

The box contains the power cables, the micro-USB cable and the console itself.

The design of the PlayStation 4 Slim is not wholly remarkable, nor is it fashionably more aesthetic than the normal PS4. The matte plastic finish looks cheaper and the design is obviously far less appealing than the original.

PS4 Slim

It features rounded edges now instead of the sharper corners from the first generation asymmetrical design, and it generally has a more portable DVD-player feel to it compared to the original.

As for the new DualShock 4, the design has mostly stayed the same, save for some slight design differences. The real change is that now you can tell which player you are based on the lightbar flashing at the top of the visual touchpad instead of having to flip the controller upward to see which player you are. It’s a small but effective upgrade.

The console contains all the standard ports, all the standard features and all the standard accoutrements as the normal console… it’s just smaller.

Sony will supposedly announce the release date and the price sometime early in September. Until then, they’ll find themselves constantly hounding down all the videos and streams of the PS4 Slim like border patrol trying to keep illegal immigrants out.

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