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1423920cookie-checkRiders Of Asgard Adds A Viking Twist To The Trials Formula

Riders Of Asgard Adds A Viking Twist To The Trials Formula

Gobbo Games’ Riders of Asgard is a 3D, side-scrolling extreme sports game based on the Trials formula. Players will customize their character and attempt to blast through the stages, collecting treasure and performing stunts.

The game was recently added to Steam’s Greenlight section, seeking votes and and favorites from the Steam community. They also released a gameplay trailer showing off the game’s multi-plane stage designs, which allow players to ride up one ramp and perform a trick that allows them to move into or out of the screen. Check it out below.

I can already imagine some of the criticisms being that the game is a little too close to Trials with very little variation or difference between this indie iteration of an indie-style game and the original indie-style game.

Surprisingly the criticisms on the Greenlight page are more-so aimed at the fact that the medieval-Norse setting just seems like a template rather than something that really engages players as some sort of engrossing element all its own.

The rest of the people chiming in actually like Riders of Asgard, especially after they managed to get in some play-time with the demo that’s currently up and available on the IndieDB page. According to those who played it, they actually enjoyed it and felt as if Riders of Asgard was polished enough to belong amongst the games currently available on the Steam store. There’s no denying that the game is definitely polished looking and the physics look intact, which is one of the most important aspects to a physics-based stunt-racer like this.

If the feedback continues to be positive and gamers continue to upvote and favorite the title, it won’t be long before Riders of Asgard is Greenlit and made available on Steam. If you like what Gobbo Games is doing and you want to see more, be sure to head on over to the Steam Greenlight page and give the title an upvote and a favorite.

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