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1422250cookie-checkWeekly Famitsu Reveals Nosferatu Zodd To Be Playable In Berserk

Weekly Famitsu Reveals Nosferatu Zodd To Be Playable In Berserk

According to the Weekly Famitsu, a new screenshot reveals a playable character among the other announced playable characters. This entry arrives in the form of Nosferatu Zodd. Berserk will be available for PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PC.

The last information regarding Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s upcoming Berserk title was delayed to improve the quality of the game. Once set to release over in Japan on September 21st, it will now come out on October 27th.

Additionally, no one knows yet if this will affect the western release. But, while we wait for that particular information to arrive, the Weekly Famitsu released a new screenshot showing Nosferatu Zodd as a playable character.

As one will soon have the ability to play through previously announced characters like Guts, Griffith, Judea, Serpico, Casca and Schierke, Nosferatu Zodd will join the other aforementioned characters in the game.

The magazine also puts Guts on the spotlight, showing him in his Berserk Armor. According to the site, his actions will change drastically in his armor state.

Aside from the above, you can check out the actual image, or screenshot, showing Nosferatu Zodd thanks to Famitsu.

berserk 9

Before signing out, Zodd can also change forms during battle, which I’m sure will help out when the going gets tough. Zodd holds the capability to turn into his Apostle form, increasing his attack power and his range. It’s palpable that the Apostle form is made to wreck havoc on the field, which again, will come in handy when clearing out clutters of enemies.

Berserk is set to debut for PS4 and PS Vita with retail versions, and will come in as a digital download for PS3, in Japan on October 27th. As for the West the PS4 will gain a physical release, while the PS Vita and PC version (via Steam) will come digitally this Fall.

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