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1425600cookie-checkCall Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Salvation Map Pack Released For PS4

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Salvation Map Pack Released For PS4

The Call of Duty promotional machine has been overloaded into overtime recently. Activision has been pumping out more trailers than Clinton has been trying to off journalists talking about her health. The newest trailer for Call of Duty centers around the fourth map pack for Black Ops 3 entitled “Salvation”.

The trailer is two minutes long and features a quick rundown of the four additional maps that will be available in the pack. If you missed the reveal during the debut at PAX West, they have up the trailer that you can view below.

The maps take on a more fantasy-oriented feel this time around. The fourth map pack seems to be themed around “fun”, with the first map called Outlaw setting players within a Wild West setting. There are buildings to enter, buildings to run on and a high-noon atmosphere that permeates the setting thanks to the orange hues, chipped painting on the wooden structures and the Western themed architecture.

The Citadel map goes for a medieval-fantasy vibe; it’s almost like a sewage-hued version of The Lord of the Rings dipped into a swirling vat of Call of Duty. The map is green and brown and very cloudy thanks to an overhead overcast. Winding corridors and stairwells that lead to balustrades are aimed to keep the action tight and focused.

Micro is a very clever little map… or should I say a large map? It shrinks players down to bite sized soldiers, fighting amongst birthday cakes, soda cans and a table full of condiments. It’s a small stage with a big heart.

The last of the bunch is called Rupture, featuring a battle that takes place around a futuristic town just outside a giant particle disruption array.

There’s also a quick glimpse at the last of the zombie maps. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Salvation DLC pack is available right now for the PlayStation 4. You can grab a digital copy from the PlayStation Store or you can hop right into the action if you purchased the season pass.

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