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1426540cookie-checkDestiny: Rise Of Iron Launch Trailer Retells The Tale Of The Iron Lords

Destiny: Rise Of Iron Launch Trailer Retells The Tale Of The Iron Lords

Destiny: Rise of Iron‘s launch trailer has gone live. It features a quick retelling of how the Iron Lords lived and how they fell. It starts pretty cool and ends on the proverbial “epic” note, but in between we see some of the content that Bungie has planned to roll out for the new expansion on eighth-gen consoles.

The trailer goes over how the Iron Lords fell at the hands of the plague, with only one of them remaining after fighting for many years to safeguard the galaxy from the menace. Players will once again jump into the role of Guardians, attempting to defend the land while helping the last of the Iron Lords to fight back against the rising tide of the plague.

After setting up the basis of the story we then get a collage of clips showcasing the Guardians wielding their weapons, reloading, locking up the chambers, putting in the clips and preparing to go to war. It looks snazzy actually just until they go back to the actual gameplay and then we’re all reminded of why we stopped playing Destiny long ago.

To their credit, Activision and Bungie have done a good job with the trailers; they’re cinematic and they feel like something we might consider to be important. I can’t say that it’s renewed my interest but a lot of other gamers seem to be chatting up a storm about the game and I imagine they are interested in picking up a copy of the upcoming expansion pack come September 20th.

Some of the new armor looks sick as all get out, especially the armor with the concave fire indentations? That looks righteous.

The weapons still look like typical 3D printed vector weapons from a laser tag session, and the environments still look about the same to me, other than the snow-covered palette. They tease a new raid boss but we don’t get to see much of it (they’re likely waiting for gamers to play it for themselves). And they showcase the new melee weapons and a bit of the story cinematics. Part of me wonders what Destiny would be like as a serial comic book or television show? It seems better suited for that.

Anyway, you can look for Rise of Iron to drop on September 20th for the Xbox One and PS4. Need more info? Hit up the official website.

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