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4 September 2016

For Honor Trailer Series Preps For September 15th Alpha Test

Three new gameplay trailer vignettes were released for Ubisoft’s upcoming hack-and-slash game, For Honor. The trailer covers the three main playable factions in the game, including the Samurai Kensei, the Viking Raiders and the Knight Wardens.

The trailers arrive just ahead of the upcoming limited alpha test that Ubisoft has planned for the game on September 15th in order to get the most out of testing and preparing for the launch on February 14th, 2017 next year. The trailers highlight the three main factions and the three starting classes, along with the weapons they carry.

There’s the Viking Raiders, with the trailer focusing on the class that can pick up and roughshod opponents around like rag dolls. They highlight the great Dane Axe, which is showcased dashing and slashing through opponents like like a scythe through hay, as well as the formidable defense that is mostly just a lot of offense. Check it out below.

The second trailer highlights the Warden… a master of the long sword and having the ability to strike down foes with well placed swings. Wardens lack the martial grace of the Samurai and the brute-force will of the Vikings, but they have honor… so there’s that.

The Warden isn’t a particularly interesting class but maybe with the right kind of customization it will stand out. You can check out the trailer below.

Last but not least is the Kensei, who utilizes the very large and very dangerous Nodachi. Other weapons within the Samurai ranks also include the Katana and spear, but this particular video focused on the Samurai long-sword and how it can be wielded to strike down foes. The animations look superb for the Samurai, being both graceful and powerful. A rare combination in the world of war and combat.

You can see the Kensei in action below.

Originally I thought For Honor was going to be very hardcore and very realistic, but it appears as if it’s designed to be aimed at the mid-core audience. It’s not quite as unforgiving as games like Mount & Blade or Bushido Blade, but we get so few sword combat games like this that it’s a welcomed addition to an otherwise stale marketplace of ideas.

Once again, you can look for For Honor to launch on February 14th, 2017 next year for home consoles and PC. Feel free to sign-up for the alpha test by visiting the official website.

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