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Mafia 3 Trailer Covers The Weapons In New Bordeux

2K Games released a new trailer for Mafia III, covering the game’s various weapons that will be available for players to use throughout New Bordeaux.

The trailer is two and a half minutes of gameplay footage, covering the various types of weapons that were available during the 1960s in that region. This means players can fashion protagonist, Lincoln Clay, with an assortment of devastating weaponry, from pistols to machine guns to shotguns and plenty of explosives in between. You can fix yourself to get a look at it with the trailer below.

The weapons you have access to in Mafia III don’t just come out of a magic dispensary. Cassandra, the leader of the Haitian gang, fixes up Clay with plenty of weapons, including MP-40s, M-79 grenade launchers, bolt-action rifles, revolvers, an M1-911 and plenty more.

The trailer doesn’t just show Lincoln laying waste to people with a variety of guns, they actually use the space to setup the narrative as to how Lincoln gets his hands on the guns.

The trailer also reveals that there’s a mobile weapon store available that Lincoln can call up to delivery various arms right to him.

Just from the quick clips in the trailer, we get to see that there is a variety of each type of weapon, including the lever-action Winchester 1887, the pump-action .12 gauge, and even a sawed-off double barrel shotgun. They really seemed to go all out in giving players a lot of choice in the kind of arsenal they can whip out throughout the gameplay.

I just hope they paid the weapon usage proper detail because Mafia II did a fantastic job of making each of the guns seem useful, even the snub-nose revolver.

Mafia III

Some of the weapons that were present in Mafia II have made a return, as well as some new weapons, including silenced pistols, long range rifles with scopes, and an assortment of other weapons of lethal behavior.

The trailer then covers the way players can make use of explosives. Rigging cars with C4 and running them into other cars will create quite the fireworks. They also reveal that there are grenades, Molotov cocktails and other makeshift items to make things go boom.

Mafia III

Mafia III, if the story is told well and the characters are properly fleshed out, could be a nice addition to the Mafia trilogy. The second game is going to be hard to top. It actually managed to avoid the meandering dilly-daddle of most open-world games by keeping the story and content tight and focused. It also had meaningful story missions so none of it felt like pointless filler. The characters also developed throughout the entire thing, it wasn’t just a static vacuum of crime and drama.

We’ll see if Hangar 13 has managed to pull it all together in Mafia III when the game launches on October 7th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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